4/21/46 - READVILLE, MASS.

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4/21/46 - READVILLE, MASS.

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Located at the junction of the Boston Division and Providence Division; multiple track and Interlocking Rules in effect.

Eastward train #134 from Putnam to Boston hit the annunciator for the Branch and the operator lined a route to Tk. 2 through turnouts and crossovers.

Immediately thereafter Boston / Providence Train #535 approached Readville at about 75 mph. The engine crew of that train was having a problem with the feedwater pump and injector of Eng. #1401 and failed to properly control their speed in accordance with the signal indications. #535 overshot the "STOP SIGNAL" by about 600' and was struck by the opposing train which was moving at about 25 mph.

The 3 enginemen on #134 were killed and 478 injuries were reported.

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