DL&W Whistle's and Air Horn's

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DL&W Whistle's and Air Horn's

Post by EliWilson97 » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:39 pm

Hi I'm new here on the forum and was wondering if anyone has any info about the reason behind the DL&W's use of air horns on their steam locomotives. One of my guesses was to save a little steam and be more efficient, or maybe the railroad wanted to look more modern than it's rivals? I have a few DL&W books that don't mention anything about this. It looks like some engines like the 1100 Class, Hudson's, were built with just air horns. But I'm more interested in the Pocono's and the Q4 Class, I see they had an air horn and a whistle, what kind of whistle was it? I know Q4 1643's whistle is out there somewhere, a DL&W 3 Chime, which Milwaukee Road 261 wore at one point, but did they all have a similar whistle? I haven't seen much on the subject of DL&W whistles, what engines wore what and if there are any surviving out there. I'd love to hear some audio recordings of DL&W steam, but the only one I found is Jay A. Winn's CD "PR-239 CLASSIC LACKAWANNA STEAM 1950's, which of course, has been discontinued since 08. You guys know anything?


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