New Style Pedestal Signals in Center City

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New Style Pedestal Signals in Center City

Post by Head-end View » Sat May 18, 2019 6:52 pm

On a trip to Philadelphia this week I was surprised to see brand new position-light pedestal signals between Suburban and 30th St. Stations. And some of the old dwarf signals have been retrofitted with LED lights too. When were these installed? Must be very recent; they looked really new and clean. And the LED silvery-white lights are outstanding. Unlike the old signals, the pedestal-signal heads are very plain rectangular metal boxes. Does anyone know who the manufacturer is?

I'm surprised SEPTA is sticking with pos-lights. The Long Island Railroad is gradually changing theirs over to color-light signals. They act like pos-lights are no longer available from the manufacturers, so that's why I'm curious about who built SEPTA's new ones.

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