New Engineer/Conductor schedules?

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New Engineer/Conductor schedules?

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Is it my imagination, or have all of the schedules for the Conductors and Engineers changed on the JSQ to 33rd street line? I used to know how late I was by who was driving the train! How often do they do this and for what reason? Is it in the interest of fairness (so everyone gets to work late nights, etc.) or just so everyone doesn't get bored?

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Re: New Engineer/Conductor schedules?

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From what I know, I'm pretty sure that shifts are held by seniority. If someone with a higher employee number wants the job you're currently holding, they can bump you and take that job. Don't think they have regular shift rotations.
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Re: New Engineer/Conductor schedules?

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I know the conductor on my 513pm wtc to hoboken train i take has been on it for awhile the guy is great at making announcements

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