Pennsylvania RR E8A 5805

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Pennsylvania RR E8A 5805

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This topic popped up in the Classic Trains forum a week ago. See "Pennsy E8 Crunched at C.U.S. ? Details anyone?" Well there is an ICC accident report. The destruction of the first 5805 is documented by the Interstate Commerce Commission. See the Chicago Union Station report for March 10, 1954. The ICC wreck database is here, it's not complete, but shows many of the serious wrecks over the years:" onclick=";return false; Sign up for this DOT database is free.

Online photos show a 20 month old E8A with a broken underframe. In 1954 terms that means the unit is a write off, because EMD did not repair underframes until later. In historical terms there is no problem because there were 74 Pennsylvania E8As and 74 matching EMD serial numbers. The first 5805 was EMD serial 15669 built in July 1952 on order 6354A. The history of the unit goes on to renumbering to PRR 4270, PC 4270, and finally to NJTR 4270, renumbered on paper only as this unit was a parts source at the Elizabethport Shops. A serial number inventory of units will not reveal this kind of repair if the serial number was not changed.

But now there is a roster anomaly of 74 unit numbers, 74 serial numbers, that were built on 75 underframes. Besides the photo and the ICC report the repair is undocumented. No confirming information has been found on where the repair was done. A repair of this nature will easily cost three quarters of the cost of a new unit or more.

Ed in Kentucky

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