EMD Maintenance Instructions

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EMD Maintenance Instructions

Post by yellowperil »

Hi, I'm a UK based Rolling Stock Engineer currently working on a project internationally with several EMD locomotives. I'm trying to source the following Maintenance instructions (EMD haven't responded to me despite me asking).

MI (number unknown) for Siemens 1TB-2624 Traction Motor
MI 430a for Roots type Blowers on 645 Engines
MI 3952 for the Overhaul of D29 Traction Motors
MI (number unknown) for the Overhaul/Maintenance of D18 Alternators
Parts Catalog/Illustrated List of Parts for 710 Series Locomotive Engines

Because I'm working on a commercial project, I don't expect anyone to supply these for free (I won't complain if you do though!).

Please contact me at richard.middleton@reg-rail.com if you can assist.

Many thanks


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Re: EMD Maintenance Instructions

Post by bobik4000 »


I'm looking for MI 3952 for Overhauling D29 Traction Motors


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Re: EMD Maintenance Instructions

Post by RickRackstop »

Who at EMD did you ask? EMD doesn't like it when someone is hopeful about getting into the locomotive rebuilding business and then screw everything up. EMD either repairs your traction motor or gives it to an APPROVED service shop. What I've recommended is to ask someone that has purchased a EMD locomotive and they can get it for you. EMD doesn't want to set you up in business when they already have an agreement with somebody else.

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