Tropical Roof

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Tropical Roof

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I was recently looking at pictures of EMD Export SD70ACe for BHP and they mentioned that their units were equipped with EMD tropical roofs. What is this feature and what benefits does it provide? What other models may have this? Attached (not my picture) is a picture of such unit with this feature." onclick=";return false;
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Re: Tropical Roof

Post by NorthWest »

I *think* it's another piece of sheet metal welded an inch or two above the roof of the cab with a space in between, in order to keep a little insulation of the cab roof. Several Australian-built Clyde Engineering license EMD models had this feature as well.

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Re: Tropical Roof

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My thought was about the same as NorthWest's. I think this may be visible in the photo: there is a hint of a dark line at the front of the cab roof which might be the space between the … roof and the over-roof?

BHP (and the other Western Australian iron ore mining railroads) operates in SERIOUSLY hot terrain. In addition to special features to make the cab habitable, many diesel locomotives for these lines-- most of which operate with U.S. domestic-style units-- have been built with extra radiator capacity to keep the engines in the safe temperature range.

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