AR10,AR20,D77,D78,D90,100, PARTS, DRAWINGS

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AR10,AR20,D77,D78,D90,100, PARTS, DRAWINGS

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Long time rail fail/artist and parts manufacturer. currently supply EMD lagrange, slp, austrailia and others. I am trying to obtain any manuals, parts drawings, pictures related to AR10,AR20,D77,D78,D90,100,

if any one can help me out i would be forever in your debt!

best regards


artem semz
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Re: AR10,AR20,D77,D78,D90,100, PARTS, DRAWINGS

Post by artem semz »

Hi Jon
this is Artem. please let me know how did you go with getting drawings on these motors.
I am also looking for them drawings, especially d78. in case you did get something it would be good to know if there is a an option you sharing it with me. thanks

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