1956 Model EMD in active service

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1956 Model EMD in active service

Post by Guy »

Hi, This G12 EMD was made in 1956,
currently in service, operating by Israel Railways
DO you know about older G12 that are still in service?

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Re: 1956 Model EMD in active service

Post by John_Perkowski »

Where does this particular unit work?

I spend time in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem most every spring...
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Re: 1956 Model EMD in active service

Post by NorthWest »

Early export EMDs had the curved cab roof which was later squared off. I do not know exact build dates, but...

There are still quite a few similar (though 6 axle) G12s operating on both broad and narrow guage in Argentina.

There were similar units in Brazil operating until 2013 or so, before they seemed to disappear. Some may survive in service, but I don't know.

Some are probably still in service in Iran, but finding pictures is impossible.

Frustratingly, overseas data is often unavailable.

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