I need a the 3 pin remove put a MU a pin at 27 pin a loco

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I need a the 3 pin remove put a MU a pin at 27 pin a loco

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I want the CF7 a draw a Electric draw at a in complete. The is a at 6 page. (A covers to Wires a square box a was wire,7 digit,It a look (A the wire size). The a Box at a 7 digit,A the a follow item it Governor, The resistor, the control system it cab. Box a 40 item a the spot.
Is 2451 to a Mississippi Delta R.R 802. A did help MDRR. The MDRR for not electric a 3 pin but a 27 pin. F7 the did Carrizo Gorge a Jacumba,CA. Was a Carrizo Gorge is electric 3 pin a with from power to not at lead a do 27 pin.

The a MDRR at a the print. A the CGRW in copy.




CF7 2451 BYW2
rebuilt from
F7A information:
builder: EMD5,8,10,13
date: Apr507,13 /
serial no.: 95917,10,13
frame no.: 3020-A157,13
order no.: 30205,10 /
CF7 information:
builder: ATSF
Cleburne TX 34,x61,x88
date: 7Jul77x61,x88
ex-F7A 234L x61:
see F7A roster for details
• paint: BCTCW,
repainted: 234L date :
• paint: BYTCB;
rebuilt / renumbered / repainted: to CF7
2451 2,34,x61,x88 7Jul77x61,x88,
• paint: BYW22
• side sills:
• exhaust stacks: four2
• cab roof: "Cleburne" angled2
• side windows:
• engineer's window:
• horns:
• air conditioner: in cab2
• radio antenna:
retired: Dec84x88;
traded: to General Electric2,34,x88
Dec842 for B23-7series and B39-82;
sold: to National Railway Equipment Co
[D]2,34,x88 May85x88;
sold: to Columbus & Greenville Ry
Co7,x88 Jul85x88:
renumbered: CAGY 8027,34,x88

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