End wiew size omparison EMD 710 vs 645?

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End wiew size omparison EMD 710 vs 645?

Post by bengt »

For a comparison if an EMD 8-710 could replace a 12-645 within aviable space an end wiew sketch would be appreciated.

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Re: End wiew size omparison EMD 710 vs 645?

Post by RickRackstop »

The length of the 8-710 would be less - 4 cylinders long vs. 4 but the bore spacing would be the same as the pistons are the same diameter. I think the height of the crankshafts are the same as they both mate up to the same generator on the ECCO conversions. The 710 is essentially a 645 with a 1 inch longer stroke. The piston rings are the same as are the cylinder heads.
I think that it was hoped that they could achieve a design that could use a lot of 645 parts and I think that they were in a hurray to get a higher horsepower engine without too much design work. From the end view the 710 would be slightly taller above the crankshaft centerline.

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Re: End wiew size omparison EMD 710 vs 645?

Post by bogieman »

IIRC, the top deck of the crankcase relative to the oil pan feet is 1.75" higher on the 710 than the 645. It makes any application where the dynamic brakes are above the manifolds too tight without some mod to the DB hatch. The G turbo is also quite a bit larger in height and length.

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