How to oil a friction axle bearing ?

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How to oil a friction axle bearing ?

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What type of lube oil should be used on a NW2 friction axle bearing ? Will engine lube oil work or is it too thick ? the owner asked me recently. Thanks for answers.

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Re: How to oil a friction axle bearing ?

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Journal box oil is in W90 range , they use gear oil as it is slow moving surface at low to medium temperatures.
Are you asking for daily use or for one time move. if its been a car sitting for long time make sure the lube rings are loose, the wick is in place.
and if possible jack up car to spin wheels or move car back and forth a few hundred feet to pre-lube
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Re: How to oil a friction axle bearing ?

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Journal (car) oil is light, almost like #10 weight. It needs to be light in order to wick up through the pad and onto the journal.
The proper oil to use is Citgo #9. See here:" onclick=";return false;

Be sure your pad is saturated and you only want a very small puddle, say a pint, visible in front of the pad when inspecting the boxes. Any more just runs out past the dust seal onto the wheel, and ground. Any less and your pad is dry.
Also use this oil in your traction motor cap bearings and front truck center pin lubricator.
Hope this helps!

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Re: How to oil a friction axle bearing ?

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EMD MI 3902 refers to MI 1756 for the correct support bearing oil. Chevron Texaco Journal Tex HD57 has been the oil used in suspension bearings. Product number 273113 API Gravity 31; Vicosity 56 Saybolt second units at 212 degrees Fahrenheit
It meets AAR M 963-84 and GE D50E14 .

The previous post is correct. It is Critical to the lubrication process, or failure can result.

GE states using an AAR spec. M-906-56 oil on 752 traction motor. This may have been supersede by the above quoted oil. It was an old book that states the resource. Improvements do change.

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