North Little Rock Service Unit symbols

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North Little Rock Service Unit symbols

Post by delvalrailfan » Sat May 26, 2018 8:12 pm

MASEW East St. Louis IL (A&S)-Houston TX (Englewood)
MASLI East St. Louis IL (A&S)-Livonia LA
MASNL East St. Louis IL (A&S)-North Little Rock AR
MASPB East St. Louis IL (A&S)-Pine Bluff AR
MAXFWX Alexandria LA-Fort Worth TX As Needed
MBUMH Butler WI-Monahans TX
MCHPB Chicago IL (BRC)-Pine Bluff AR
MDUPB Dupo IL-Pine Bluff AR NS 15E
MFWLI Fort Worth TX-Livonia LA
MFWNL Fort Worth TX-North Little Rock AR
MINPB Avon IN (CSX)-Pine Bluff AR Fri-Wed CSX Q233
MLIAS Livonia LA-East St. Louis IL (A&S) Sun-Mon, Wed, Fri
MMENL Memphis TN (NS)-North Little Rock AR
MNLAS North Little Rock AR-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
MNLASB North Little Rock AR-East St. Louis IL (A&S) Sat-Sun, Thu
MNLCN North Little Rock AR-Memphis TN (CN)
MNLFW North Little Rock AR-Fort Worth TX
MNLKC North Little Rock AR-Kansas City MO
MNLKS North Little Rock AR-Kansas City KS
MNLME North Little Rock AR-Memphis TN (NS)
MNLNP North Little Rock AR-North Platte NE
MNLNV North Little Rock AR-Nashville TN (CSX) CSX Q530
MNLTT North Little Rock AR-Toronto ON (CN) CN M398
MNPNL North Platte NE-North Little Rock AR
MNPPB North Platte NE-Pine Bluff AR
MNVPB Nashville TN (CSX)-Pine Bluff AR CSX Q531
MPBAX Pine Bluff AR-Alexandria LA
MPBEW Pine Bluff AR-Houston TX (Englewood)
MPBFW Pine Bluff AR-Fort Worth TX
MPBHO Pine Bluff AR-Houston TX (Settegast)
MPBLW Pine Bluff AR-Longview TX
MPBNL Pine Bluff AR-North Little Rock AR
MPBSR Pine Bluff AR-LaPorte TX
MPRPB Proviso IL-Pine Bluff AR
MSANL San Antonio TX-North Little Rock AR
MSFNL Sheffield AL (NS)-North Little Rock AR NS 17Z
MSFPB Sheffield AL (NS)-Pine Bluff AR NS 391
MSMPB Salem IL-Pine Bluff AR As Needed CSX Q333
MTTPB Toronto ON (CN)-Pine Bluff AR CN M399
MTXBU Texarkana AR/TX-Butler WI Mon, Thu, Sat Sand Empties
MVBNL Van Buren AR-North Little Rock AR
MYCPB Dolton IL (Yard Center)-Pine Bluff AR
QASLI East St. Louis IL (A&S)-Livonia LA Sat-Tue, Thu
QDYNL Dayton TX-North Little Rock AR
QDYTX Dayton TX-Texarkana AR/TX
QHONL Houston TX (Settegast)-North Little Rock AR
QLDNL Laredo TX-North Little Rock AR
QNLBV North Little Rock AR-Bellevue OH (NS) NS 10E
QNLCH North Little Rock AR-Chicago IL (BRC)
QNLIN North Little Rock AR-Avon IN (CSX) CSX Q374
QNLNP North Little Rock AR-North Platte NE
QNLPR North Little Rock AR-Proviso IL
QNLSF North Little Rock AR-Sheffield AL (NS) NS 16Z
QSPNL Spring TX-North Little Rock AR
QTXAS Texarkana AR/TX-East St. Louis IL (A&S) Fri-Sun, Tue-Wed

IG4MQ Joliet IL (Global 4)-Mesquite TX Mon
IGSDUX Los Angeles CA (Global Gateway South/APL)-Dupo IL As Needed
IHODU Houston TX (Settegast)-Dupo IL Tue-Wed, Fri
IHOG4 Houston TX (Settegast)-Joliet IL (Global 4) Sat
IHOYC Houston TX (Settegast)-Dolton IL (Yard Center)
ILBMN Long Beach CA-Marion AR
ILXG4 Los Angeles CA (ICTF)-Joliet IL (Global 4) Tue-Thu, Sat
ILXG4X Los Angeles CA (ICTF)-Joliet IL (Global 4) As Needed
ILXMN Los Angeles CA (ICTF)-Marion AR
IMEMN Memphis TN (NS)-Marion AR NS 23N
IMNCIR Marion AR-City of Industry CA As Needed Baretables
IMNLB Marion AR-Long Beach CA
ITAME Tacoma WA-Memphis TN (NS)
KG4LB Joliet IL (Global 4)-Long Beach CA Sat-Sun, Tue-Thu
KLBG4 Long Beach CA-Joliet IL (Global 4)
KMNDU Marion AR-Dupo IL Mon-Sat
KMNLD Marion AR-Laredo TX
KMNSA Marion AR-San Antonio TX
KSEMN Seattle WA-Marion AR Tue-Sat
ZDTMX Detroit MI (CSAO)-Laredo TX CSX Q131
ZG4HO Joliet IL (Global 4)-Houston TX (Settegast)
ZG4MQ Joliet IL (Global 4)-Mesquite TX Tue-Sat
ZHOG4 Houston TX (Settegast)-Joliet IL (Global 4)
ZLAME Los Angeles CA-Memphis TN (NS)
ZLAMN Los Angeles CA-Marion AR Wed
ZLCMN Los Angeles CA (LATC)-Marion AR Tue
ZLDYC Laredo TX-Dolton IL (Yard Center)
ZMNLA Marion AR-Los Angeles CA
ZMQG4 Mesquite TX-Joliet IL (Global 4)
ZMXYC Laredo TX-Dolton IL (Yard Center)
ZYCLD Dolton IL (Yard Center)-Laredo TX
ZYCMQ Dolton IL (Yard Center)-Mesquite TX
ZYCMX Dolton IL (Yard Center)-Laredo TX
ZYCSA Dolton IL (Yard Center)-San Antonio TX Tue-Sat

AARAS Arlington TX-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
ACNNL Memphis TN (CN)-North Little Rock AR
ADESPJ Detroit MI (NS)-Spring TX NS 171
AEGAS Eagle Pass TX-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
ALDAS Laredo TX-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
ALDASB Laredo TX-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
AMNLBX Marion AR-Long Beach CA As Needed
AMNML Marion AR-Mira Loma CA
ASMAR Salem IL-Arlington TX
ASMKB Salem IL-Kirby TX
ASMMX Salem IL-Laredo TX
ASMSP Salem IL-Spring TX Thu-Tue

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