Seattle's Union Station

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Seattle's Union Station

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First of all, this is semi-related as the depot was built by the UP. And nobody checks the northwest forum.

Are there still tracks in place under the station? I'm curious to know where/how the trains entered and where the platforms were when the station existed as an actual train depot.


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Re: Seattle's Union Station

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I spent a lot of time investigating the station (and King St. Station) when I lived there from '05-07. Union Station is a gem; under the main lobby is now taken mostly by bus services (some tracks for trams are in place, I think). King Street is a mere shadow of previous times. I've been to Union Stations in Minneapolis, St. Louis, KC in the '70's, and the 2 stations in Seattle (as well as many others, GCT in NY, the CNJ shed in Jersey City, and the station in LA)...the huge waiting rooms are now mostly empty, beautiful relics, much like the empty, beautiful Church of England buildings throughout the UK, now rented or sold as antique shops and other, varied uses. Sad, almost painful to see the emptiness. Sam

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Re: Seattle's Union Station

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Tracks came in from the Tacoma direction and were electrified due to tenant MILW's electric operations out west. There's a really good picture in a recent Classic Trains magazine of both King and Union stations.
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