People Just Don't THINK!

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People Just Don't THINK!

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While enroute to Dr's this morning, I came upon a local city street maintenance truck PARKED on the right of way of an NS track! :( There was no way a train could clear that truck! Acting on my instints and years of NS indoctrination, I immediately called the city manager's office and went and spoke with the supervisor of the worker involved, who was nearby. At first he was unconcerned, but as I explained that one should never, never, EVER foul a live track, and should expect movement on any track in any direction at any time. Just because a track may be a little-used spur line doesn't mean a train won't appear there; no one should EVER park a vehicle ON a railroad track, or so close that it will not clear a train. The worker returned from a good distance away and moved the truck. I'm sure he wasn't happy about having to walk several block back to his vehicle to move it! I doubt a train would've hit the vehicle, but because of where it was, it would have forced the local to stop and tie up an adjacent street, shove back, and wait for the truck to be moved----which wouldn't made NS happy.

I can't believe people have so little regard for trains! They think of them as toys, don't take them seriously. Then when they get hit at a crossing, hurt or killed, then the family is all up in arms against the railroad and expect them to have to PAY for THEIR[/i} STUPID mistakes! That is a bunch of CRAP! Me? I'm scared of railroad tracks!!!!! You should be, too!


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Re: People Just Don't THINK!

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I wouldn't have called the city offices, I would've called NS and reported it. Good to hear you averted a (potentially) dangerous situation; not that parking any vehicle on RR tracks isn't dangerous to begin with.

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