CPL's still in use on NS trackage

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CPL's still in use on NS trackage

Post by iceman977th » Tue Jun 01, 2010 8:58 pm

There are three locations that I know of that still use CPL's to control traffic. One place is Kenova, WV, where N&W CPL's still guard from Coach-West Leg Kenova Yard, Coach Track westbound, East Leg-Kenova Main, & 1 Track Kenova East. About 5 or 10 miles uprail, a pair of CPL's still guard between Hanging Rock & Wheelersburg westbound on both tracks, while the eastbound signals have been replaced with vader's. Last place I see are former PRR (?) CPL's at CP Leech in West Leechburg, PA. Looking at them at near midnight while both WB signals are red gives you a creepy feeling.

Pics are on the way, will upload ASAP. Lotta resizing to do. Anyone want to help keep tabs on how many CPL's/PL's are still left?

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Re: CPL's still in use on NS trackage

Post by glennk419 » Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:53 am

There are still PRR position lights in place in the Harrisburg, PA area at Rockville and at South Ferry on the Buffalo Line near Duncannon. The signals at CP Stoney (Dauphin) were replaced with Vaders and the ones at Hecks with Type G color lights within the last 6 months. Signals 960 and 961 between Stoney and Ferry are also still PRR PL.

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Re: CPL's still in use on NS trackage

Post by ssw9662 » Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:01 pm

There are a number of CPL's still being used on the Hagerstown District between Hagerstown and Front Royal. However, given the Crescent Corridor upgrades I doubt these will be standing for much longer.

Almost all of the Buffalo Line still uses position lights (obviously these are somewhat different from the N&W CPL's). Although the signals at STONEY and HECKS were replaced recently, the rest of them are still largely intact - at least for now. Most of them are standard mast signals, although there are also signal bridges at McElhattan and Driftwood (and probably a few other places too). Also, most of the controlled sidings on the BUFL are protected by pedestal PL signals. The Pittsburgh Line still has plenty of position lights, but they are going fast. Since the Buffalo Line has significantly less traffic I'd expect the signals to remain there for at least a little while longer.

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