North Jersey "Toys for Tots Train"

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North Jersey "Toys for Tots Train"

Post by Phase Gap » Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:02 pm

Will I have not seen much of anything about the “Toys for Tots Train” on here so I went out and got some information to share with everyone. This is the official/ unofficial schedule of the 2 day trip the “Toys for Tots” train will take. As always the schedule is subject to change at the last minute. As far as I can tell the consist will be as followed:

2 engines NJT/NS/NYS&W(NS,CSX or True NYS&W)
2 coaches
1 Box Car
1 M&E Cab # 100

Now the schedule as followed:

Saturday, December 12,2009
LV-Morristown 830am(following NJT 6913 at 827am)
ARR- Chester Jct 900am
ARR- Flanders(Fire House) 1000am Main Street Flanders
LV-Flanders 1100am
ARR-Roxbury (Sleep's) 1130am RT 10 West Bound Side
LV-Roxbury 1230pm
ARR Dover (Sack's Paint) 130pm North Sussex Street
LV- Dover 230pm
ARR- Rockaway (Probuild) 300pm Main & Franklin Street
LV-Rockaway 330pm
ARR-D&R Jct 400pm
ARR-Dover 430pm
ARR- Morristown 500pm
ARR-West End 600pm
ARR-BT(Saddle Brook) 700pm

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Depart Fuel Track at Little Ferry at 815am
Maywood Station from 900am – 10am
Hawthorne Station from 1030am – 1130am
Wortendyke Station from 1145am – 1245pm
Wykoff Station from 100pm – 200pm
Pompton Lakes Station from 230pm – 330pm
Butler Stationfrom 345pm- 445pm (Run around train and Deadhead East)
Maywood Station at 545pm drop off Marines and Santa
BT (Saddle Brook) 730pm (Interchange Back to NJT)
Morristown 900pm.

OK I hope this helps everyone out. Please get out and SUPPORT the “TOYS for TOTS TRAIN” it is for a good cause and Happy Holidays......

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