NS Harrisburg Line Questions

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NS Harrisburg Line Questions

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Hey Everyone, I also posted this on the PA Railfan Forum,
I am making my first trip to the NS Harrisburg Line this weekend. I will be around CP River for both Saturday and Sunday, but I want to explore the surrounding area a bit too. Can anyone tell me when the best time to watch the line is? Are there any weekend locals, too? Absolutely any bit of info on this part of the line would be immensely appreciated.


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Re: NS Harrisburg Line Questions

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You can't really legally access CP-River (which is actually controlled by the CSX NI Dispatcher and is on the Trenton Sub). Your best bet would be to get stuff on CSX crossing the Schuylkill River. You won't get anything on NS, but it's a much better shot anyway. In terms of locals, WPCA-01 and C795 are the only ones that I'm aware of that run on weekends, though there could be more. Mornings and afternoons should be good. I'm not sure if there are any decent shots on the Harrisburg Line in the surrounding area.

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