Panhandle Trackage Rights

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Panhandle Trackage Rights

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NS has trackage rights on the Ohio Central through Newark, OH. I have seen unit trains of coal headed both east and west, but mostly east. The east bound trains stop on a siding just west of Newark for long periods. Where are these trains headed and why do they linger so long on the siding?

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Re: Panhandle Trackage Rights

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More precisely, these are haulage rights. NS hands off complete trains moving westbound from Pittsburgh and eastbound out of Columbus. OC crews the trains. I could speculate several reasons for the layover, but most likely I would guess that NS crews are dropping the freights off there and taking a jitney back to their terminal, and the trains are simply waiting for an OC crew to pick them up (or vice versa). Where else might be long enough to park a unit train between downtown and Newark?

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