NS System Map Updated for 2016

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NS System Map Updated for 2016

Post by johnpbarlow » Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:05 am

NS has just updated its downloadable detailed system map (it's large at 88MB) - it now shows the D&H South lines as being part of the NS system. I suspect there are other updates as well.

http://www.nscorp.com/content/dam/nscor ... -print.pdf

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Re: NS System Map Updated for 2016

Post by Rockingham Racer » Fri Mar 11, 2016 1:16 pm

Hmmm. My computer didn't like that link at all. Things froze right up.

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Re: NS System Map Updated for 2016

Post by YamaOfParadise » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:37 pm

On comparison with the previous version (the previous one I have, at least, circa 2011):
  • On the previous version, Fitchburg<->Ayer and the Greenville I.T. on PAS were dotted lines, meaning trackage rights; they are now solid lines, so they're the same as the rest of PAS, now.
  • 2011 map had the line from Geneva<->Lyons (Corning Secondary) as "O/S"; it was removed completely in the new map.
  • SNY's line added southeast of Albany
  • Trackage rights over CP to Albany Intermodal Terminal gone
  • Trackage rights over the WNYP removed in 2016 map
  • Line to Devault PA (Phoenixville I.T.) removed (somehow listed as in service in 2011)
  • Cornwall I.T. removed (dunno why it was even in the 2011 one, as in-service at that; I believe it was already sold off by then)
  • The label "Elmira Yd." changed to "Gang Mills Yd. (WCOR)"
  • NYSW's Utica Branch between Chenango Forks and Sherburne, listed as out of service "O/S" on the 2011 map, was completely removed.
  • Saratoga and North Creek (S&NC/SNC)'s line added from Corinth to North Creek, and changed to be operator of line from Saratoga Springs <-> Corinth (from CP in 2011 map)
  • The Lamoille Valley RR was for some reason still on the 2011 map from St. Albans to St. Johnsbury (only shown as an "O/S" line); gone in new map.
Undoubtedly more, but that's some of the stuff I spotted.
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