Calling all Alabama NS employees!!

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Calling all Alabama NS employees!!

Post by bretylium » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:43 am

I am a NS Conductor up North in Ohio (Dearborn Div), they just put out in Memo Perm Transfer offers including AGS District (Birmingham) and 3B District (Selma/Mobile). I am considering taking the offer after looking at the local extra boards and seniority rosters. Can anyone tell me what the reality is down there? Irondale (Norris Yard?) and Selma- how are these places to work? I am primarily a Road Conductor- can I work as such or do you guys operate on combined extra boards? How is Railroading in the South (aside for all the things I hear from former Conrail guys).......

And bottom line- is it worth my time and seniority (16 months, not much) to make the move down? It seems to me its cheap to live down there and making as much as we do I could live extremely well in Alabama.

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