Junctions + Interlocking Names

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Junctions + Interlocking Names

Post by BobsCRNJ »

I have been lookin all over for names to the junctions and interlockings in the Conrail Shared Assets Section in North Jersey. I want to know them on a few of the lines like the Lehigh line, passaic and harsimus line, northern branch, national docks secondary, chemical coast secondary, and port reading secondary. does anybody know where i can find this information or does anybody have any of this information already? thank you!

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Re: Junctions + Interlocking Names

Post by RailsEast »

To start, you can try searching on this site; there is a wealth of information here. Also, what I have done in the past is to check eBay for old Conrail employee timetables, specifically the Philadelphia Division, which includes the lines that you mentioned.. These can usually be had for $10-$20, often in the small blue binder that they originally came in, and there's almost always at least one up for purchase at any given time.
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Re: Junctions + Interlocking Names


The blue binders were handed out on thier own, we had to 'build' the books at rules class and add to them when the timetables came out.
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Re: Junctions + Interlocking Names

Post by TAMR213 »

These are obviously somewhat out of date but this website is also a good source:

http://multimodalways.org/archives/rrs/ ... 20ZTS.html
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Re: Junctions + Interlocking Names

Post by train2 »

You will want to look for a Conrail Share assents timetable of very recent vintage. A number of interlocking were changed from two letter designations to names and a number of the names were employee/executives names, like Fran and John (or is it Jon) that bear no resemblance to the location.

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