Bustleton Branch Trains

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Re: Bustleton Branch Trains

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Wow! Caroline Road. That's way up north near branch end. Go any further north and you're in Pepsi.

The unused section of branch north of Red Lion Road, past where the coil place at Red Lion Road was, crosses Caroline Road. There is a switch just north of Red Lion Road -- one route went to the old coil place, other route continues north, turns 90 degrees, then crosses Caroline Road and goes for a few hundred feet and stops. The crossing is intact but in lousy shape.

It's pretty overgrown but mostly intact but looks like it's not been used for quite a long time. It includes a passing siding but crews had to shove inbound coil cars to old metal place because the passing siding is unusable from overgrowth. There is an abandoned siding up there, switch removed, which has an old high-cube boxcar sitting at an old loading dock. Company probably uses it as a storage shed.

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