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Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.

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Conrail Modeler's Web Site

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After years of frustration at trying to find the things I've needed to model Wes Reminder & myself are putting together a Conrail Modelers Resource website. The goal is to provide Conrail modelers with a one stop center to find out about products & get prototype reference information useful to modeling.

This is a dual site, with one part being model photos available to the public & the other being a resource site for modelers which will require a free membership through Yahoo Groups.

Currently on the membership site are:

-An album of signs which can be used on your layouts
-An album of prototype weathering photos
-An album of terminal details
-An album of trackside details
-An album of papergoods which relate to operting your layout
-Custom decal information
-Matrixes of decals, parts, paints, paint schemes
-An album for modeling articles
-A forum group devoted to Conrail modleing (& prototype) information

This will also be the home of the 2006 OCS modeling project.

This will only be as good & useful as everyone's involvement so I invite everyone to take a look, sign up, & join in. (New registrations are approved within 24 hours.) We're just getting started & new material is being added daily so hop on board & add some of your own!



Have a great day!

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great idea!! I'm making this a sticky

M.R. Snell
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Thanks. The more the merrier since all can contribute!

Have a great day!


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Both are great sites, thanks for all the work that went into them!


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Post by scharnhorst »

Looks like a cool site! I'm vary active modeling Conrail in its early years. Is it possable to post photos of N Scale Locomotives and Cars on this page as well??


Re: Calling all Conrail Modelers

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Great sites Matt! Loving them! They've really helped me with my Conrail themed layout, or at least they will. :-D

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Re: Conrail Modeler's Web Site

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Mike K2MMM

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Re: Conrail Modeler's Web Site

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Pinewald Station wrote:
dead link?
Conrail Modeler's Resource has moved:
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Re: Conrail Modeler's Web Site

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Dead link as well...

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Re: Conrail Modeler's Web Site

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It's 4 years later, so I'm not overly shocked.......

~Charlie Ricker

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