Conrail operations (late 80's) on the Elizabeth Secondary

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Conrail operations (late 80's) on the Elizabeth Secondary

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Hello all!

My questions (and focus) are in relation to Conrail ops along the Elizabeth Secondary (former CNJ) in the mid to late 1980's. From what I have gathered, there really was only 1 customer (Roselle Paper) by the Linden Road grade crossing and that was rare. Some sources place this drill running on "Track 4" of the former CNJ main. Wasn't track 4 the northern track (farthest away from Roselle Paper?) It has been such a long time for me, but I think it was still 4 tracks through here (maybe 3?)

This drill ran with what equipment? GP38/GP40/SW1200? I wasn't sure if a Geep was too heavy for the rail? Then again, there were still NJT shop moves to Elizabethport from Raritan (I remember one... F40 with a few cars going VERY slowly east, approaching the crossing.)

Did this local have a specific number (MA-10? etc) I presume it came out of Manville or Oak Island via the Aldene ramp?
Did it also service other industries at the time on the Raritan line (Garwood, Plainfield, etc.)

ANY... ANY information would be greatly appreciated and helpful.


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