Abandonment in Dolton/South Holland

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Abandonment in Dolton/South Holland

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I have a question that I thought someone here might find interesting. I work in elections, and yesterday, we had a voter who said he lived in Dolton, IL. Our records showed him in South Holland, IL. We allowed him to vote "provisionally," which allows us to research things and potentially withdraw the vote from the totals later if facts point that way. The election is not even close, so this is not going to determine anything. But I like to get things right. And, it's possible his property tax has been going to the wrong village.

So anyway, the Conrail question - his house is on a former Conrail right of way (ex-Pennsy, ex-Panhandle, ex-Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis, if I understand correctly.)

I'm wondering if anyone knows when the Panhandle route was abandoned along the Dolton/South Holland border. And if anyone actually knows more about the history of the property in that area, big bonus.

Thanks in advance. If someone believes there is a better spot for this post, let me know. Apologies in advance because I'm going to crosspost in the Chicagoland forum.

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