1/31/79 - MUNCY, PA

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1/31/79 - MUNCY, PA

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At 3:25AM, Train SYEN-0 (2 units, 99cars) Dp. Williamsport headed for Enola. The operator at LYCO advised the crew by radio that they would meet Train ENSY-0 at East Muncy.
SYEN proceeded to that location and stopped in accordance with signal indication at about 4:55AM. About 5" after stopping, SYEN was rear-ended by following train CNEN-0 at a speed of about 30 mph. There was no indication that the crew of CNEN took any action to control speed or warn of the impending collision.

CNEN-0's crew had arrived at Renovo at 4AM from Enola and originally reported for duty for their return trip at 1:30PM. They had been relieved at about 4:45PM due to air problems with the train. and then re-ordered for 12:45AM. CNEN Dp. Renovo at 2:10AM and had radio communications witht he operator at LYCO while en route which included the information that SYEN was ahead and that they would meet westbound ENSY en route.

Both crews consisted of an Engr. + a Conductor and 2 brakemen. The Rear brakeman of SYEN and the Head Brakeman of CNEN were killed in the collision, and damages were estimated at about $1.35 million.

The NTSB was critical of the fact that the CNEN crew was short on rest and that the Cond. was not required to ride with the Engr.

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