1/17/99 - BRYAN, OHIO

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1/17/99 - BRYAN, OHIO

Post by shlustig » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:30 am

At about 12:15 AM, Train PIEL-6A was the leader of 4 westbound trains departing Toledo - Air Line Jct., followed by TV-99, TV-7, and Mail 9 at intervals of 10" to 15".

At about 1:40AM, PIEL-6A running at reduced speed account of heavy fog and limited visibility passed CP-340. TV-99 and TV-7 reduced speed in accordance with signal indications. While TV-7 was moving at about 10mph, it was struck by MAIL-9 which had not reduced speed in accordance with the Approach and Stop-and-Proceed signals. Impact speed was about 55mph. Eastbound Train MGL-16 was moving at 50mph on Tk. 2 and the engines had just passed TV-7 when MAIL-9 went by and MGL-16 went into emergency.

Net results: 3 units and 34 cars were involved in the collisions and derailment; engine crew of MAIL9 was killed; fire and small explosions. The crews of MGL-16 and TV-7 could not give an exact location of the wreck because of the dense fog, and the initial emergency responders estimated visibility at about 25'. When the location was finally determined, access had to be plowed.

Estimated cost was $5,300,000.

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