HB1000S, HB900S railway snow clearers purchased by CONRAIL

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HB1000S, HB900S railway snow clearers purchased by CONRAIL

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This is regarding the Beilhack HB1000S and Beilhack HB900S self propelled snow clearer''s purchased by CONRAIL in 1975 and put in service in 1975-6.

I realize its July 28th and the two Belihack snow clearers now wearing the gastly CSX MOW colors are most likely relaxing on one of the CSX Buffalo yard storage track but I was wondering if anyone has any new or older picture images of these 2 units.

I have a laser color photocopy of the Red HB900S going away and clearing an avalanche on the old Lock Haven division between rochester and Buffalo from the Beilhack information package that was so kindly sent to me by a Beilhack employee a number of years ago and several photo images of the HB100S before it was savaged by the CSX flourescent lime green paint UGHHHH!!!!!!!!
Is this division still active with customers and who are they?

I know they saw a lot of service clearing the CSX line to Canada in 2003-4 when the line was plugged with lake effect snow and I would love to see pictures of that too.

The first Image I have/was blessed with is the HB1000S wearing the Beilhack yellow paint with the twin chutes removed and the hydraulically controlled chute and spout control installed during a night shot near Utica, New York.

The second one is of the HB1000S with the fluorescent lime green MOW Paint in Massachusetts doing clearing and flange plowing UUUGGGHH!

The third image is of the HB1000S with the twin chutes installed

If my memory is right the HB900S has battleship gray CSX MOW paint UUUGGGHHH.
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Re: HB1000S, HB900S railway snow clearers purchased by CONRA

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When you grew up with, and worked with, wedge plows and Jordan Spreaders, it's kind of hard to get excited about some foreign contraption that took their place. I can watch the guy across the street Beilhack his driveway without even leaving my house! For my money, they can paint one red and letter it "TORO" and the other orange and label it "ARIENS".

But whatever floats your boat, that's the great thing about such a varied and diverse hobby. Image

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