UAC coal trains to Solvay, NY with CSX power?

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UAC coal trains to Solvay, NY with CSX power?

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I model Conrail in the late 1990s becoming CSX into the early 2000s in HO scale, and I was wondering about a specific operation from back in the day... I learned recently of the UAC coal trains, which originated on CSX in West Virginia and ran to a power plant in Solvay, NY... Internet research has revealed to me they began running circa 1991 and kept going through the split until the coal plant in Solvay shut down in 2013... Routing was west from the WV mines to Columbus, then via Cleveland and Buffalo over to Solvay... Do I have this pretty much correct or is there more to the story than this? Did CSX power and hoppers run through every time, or was Conrail equipment mixed in? Also I've read NS got the contract at one point or another; does anyone have any details on this at all? Thanks very much!
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