Conrail Freight Car Roster?

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Conrail Freight Car Roster?

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I am researching into Conrail's rolling stock numbering system, and how cars were put into various number ranges based on class. I checked many websites including the CRHS, but I'm unable to find any roster list for CR's freight cars - something like a spreadsheet listing each type of car, class #, and the number series it was assigned into (perhaps they were even assigned to service groups?). Does anyone have anything like this or know of a list you can point me to? All I can do right now is look at various photo sites, try to piece together the story and put together some comprehensive spreadsheet, but I just know someone must have come up with something already. There are way too many Conrail fans out there for something like this not to exist :-) Thanks in advance!
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Re: Conrail Freight Car Roster?

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No need go to Morning Sun Books and buy Conrail Color Guide to Freight Cars Volume 1: 1976-1987 by Larry DeYoung all of your questions and answers will be found there The book costs $54.95

You might also be able to request an Official Equipment Registration book from The North American Fright Car Association??" onclick=";return false;
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Re: Conrail Freight Car Roster?

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Penn Central numberings were retained and other cars renumbered to fit in around them. Reading 100T hoppers in the 484xxx series retained their numbers as well.

Non-PC cars were classed Cx-## where the X was the first letter of the prior owner, E = Erie Lackawanna, L = Lehigh Valley, etc. PC cars carried both PRR and NYC type classes on them. Because of leasing and trust arrangements many CR cars were stencilled at upper right on each side with the former reporting marks and number.

The roster changed so much that you almost need one of the industry frieght car listing books for a specific date to keep track of what was what. That would also do a decent job of helping you sort out what became what.

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Re: Conrail Freight Car Roster?

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Go to the STB website and look up rail recordation 8432 dated 8/5/76. That is a document over 700 pages long that lists all of Conrail's rolling stock that it inherited on Day 1 and its associated Conrail renumbering. The data is sorted 2 ways, first by new Conrail road number with previous predecessor marks/number, and the second half is sorted by predecessor marks/road number and associated new Conrail number.

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