Conrail Operations through MORRIS (NEC)

Discussion related to the operations and equipment of Consolidated Rail Corp. (Conrail) from 1976 to its present operations as Conrail Shared Assets. Official web site can be found here: CONRAIL.COM.

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Conrail Operations through MORRIS (NEC)

Post by acelaphillies »

I'm looking for information on the current Conrail trains that use MORRIS Interlocking on the NEC in Morrisville, PA.

I'm a big NEC fan, so these trains spark my interest. However, I know a lot more about passenger trains than I know about freight operations. So if you could give me a basic explanation of the trains that would be helpful.

Could anyone make up a list of all of the regularly scheduled Conrail trains that run through MORRIS on any given day (or if there are some trains that run weekly, etc.)?

Also, what do the various train symbols stand for? How can you tell the different trains apart?

For example, in this video of mine a Conrail local goes through MORRIS. How can I tell what train it is?

Thanks, and please ask for clarification if you do not understand my question.

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