ICRR Millington, TN Depot

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ICRR Millington, TN Depot

Post by EMD567 » Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:15 am

I am attempting to locate some drawings, information or photographs of an Illinois Central depot that was once located in my hometown of Millington, TN. The third (final depot) to be built in this area (built in the 1950s) was razed in the early 1980s. So far, I have been unable to locate any photographs (or other information, specifications, etc.) in regards to this depot. I have inquired at the Illinois Central Historical Society (ICHS), and they have nothing in their files in regards to this depot.

I would like to know if anyone can point me in the right direction to assist my research? I work for CN (former ICRR territory), and I have considered speaking with the bridges & buildings department at the yard where I am employed, but most likely, the drawings (if any), where discarded years ago. When a new railroad structure is built (such as a depot for a particular city), would the railroad have had to file drawings or real estate information with any entity outside the railroad itself, i.e., city/county governmental authorities?

In early 1980, the City of Millington (TN) advised Illinois Central Gulf, to either repair the depot, or tear it down. Unfortunately, the depot was torn down. Before razing the depot, would ICG have required permission to do so from any local, state or federal agency, or can the railroad simply raze the facility (since they own it)? Any assistance with this matter would be much appreciated.

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