Beep and GP40

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Beep and GP40

Post by TerryC »

What is the current story on BNSF 1460 the Beep or SWBLW (as of 2005)?
Where can I find more information about the firey collsion that destoyed ATSF's lone GP40?

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Post by emd_SD_60 »

It looks like a modified GP7 with its cab moved to where the short hood was, ala SW, and it looks (externally) a lot like a Baldwin switcher. Hence the name "Beep". "B" for Baldwin, and "eep" for Geep. :wink:

Basically, if you click on the first link you posted, all the info is there in the article.

Such a shame what happened to the GP40, such a shame. You think they could have rebuilt it, but it probably was a total wreck and nothing could be done. :(
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Post by usa4624 »

I wonder if the 1460 is still running?

The last update in the article was from late 2002; more than 2 years ago.


Post by splitswitch »

The BNSF 1460 is still running and still in use in Topeka for whatever the carrier wants her to do. A fine example of a well oiled machine.



Post by AmtrakFan »

It was also used in KC.

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Post by Tadman »

It shocks me what ancient power BNSF keeps around - when I take SW Cheif or drive thru McCook, I see 30-series EMD's, Uboats, and I hear of this beep, and SD9s... I grew up in South Bend, IN, and Conrail only ran the newest possible power thru except one local a day with at GP15-1. Yard switchers were SD40-2's with ex-RS11 slugs, and now that NS took over, we see some older and random stuff, but nothing like the motley BNSF roster.
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Engineer James
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Post by Engineer James »

Any recent News on her?? She still with us? BNSF, The "TRUE MODEL RAILROADERS" COMPANY. They are doing all of us a favor, holding on to it. When they retire it, there will be lines, of museums to get it.

:-D I LOVE BNSF!!!! :-D

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Post by thmitch »

Here's a pic of her just taken 3 days ago in Topeka.

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Post by GN 599 »

Holy cow I didnt even know we had such a locomotive on the property! What a pleasent surprise, just one more reason I am glad to be a BNSF employee. I got on our TSS (basicly BNSF's internet) and came up with a couple of tid bits of info on it. It says it was built in 1943 and re-built in 1970. I guess if you want to get technical its probably the oldest locomotive employed on a class 1 railroad. I checked out its defect history and found nothing major and nothing that hasnt been repaired. Under special remarks it said "HOLD CAPTIVE AT TOPEKA'' quite what that means I dont know. Looks like I finally found a Santa Fe locomotive I actually like! :-D I keep tabs on alot of locomotives and I will definitely add this one to my list! :-D

Engineer James
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Post by Engineer James »

Good... However, did anyone notice that in the photo it seems to be missing the rear 3 axles?? its up on cinder blocks... or at least thats what it looks like....


Post by U-Haul »

Looks like she is on all 8 wheels to me.

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Post by Komachi »

Okay, James...

Can you tell me how a FOUR AXLED locomotive has a truck removed that has THREE AXLES? Also, how does a locomotive with silver trucks (yeah, they're dirty, but they're silver) get a truck removed that is painted black?

It's an axle from another locomotive and/or car that is sitting on the ground (or rails) in front of the Beep. The perspective may be a little deceptive, but it's not off the Beep.

Ya need to be a tad more observent there, James.

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Post by GOLDEN-ARM »

Speaking of ancient, you should have seen the pile I had a day ago, in the form of a BN SD-9. Who woulda thought................ :-D The Amarillo local came into the yard, with an old GP-38, and a CF-7 !!!!!

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Post by ANDY117 »

The trucks in front of it look like Flexi-Coils, or older HT-C trucks.


Post by uhaul »

Here is a most recent photograph of the Beep. ... 205&nseq=0

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