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Couldn’t find an old topic for this so thought I’d start a new one. Looks like VDRPT finally released the Final EIS for DC2RVA. Link here: http://dc2rvarail.com/final-eis/

Some quick thoughts:
With a total asking price of almost $6billion and no electrification options on the table I’m a little pessimistic of the overall feasibility and impact of the plan.

On the bright side I think the plan does a great job of identifying a need for full service at both Richmond Stations and shooting for higher average speeds as opposed to small segments of 110mph running.

Hopefully Virginia and North Carolina can pool their money together to really get an interstate corridor going!

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Moderator Note: I have a feeling this topic is covered somewhere in General Discussion- Passenger Rail, and if not I’d like to discuss it there since it doesn’t only address DC metro commuter rail. Leaving this here for now, will merge or move it later.

EDIT: nope, there’s an Expanded Virginia Regional Service thread in Amtrak. I’ll kick this thread over there and leave a link here.

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So I had to drill down a bit after the first glance I got confused... but essentially, it is:
  • Four track DC to Alexandria (some parts being worked on in different projects).
  • Three track everywhere else save for Ashland station.
  • Boot the can down the railroad on Ashland. (can you say bottleneck?)
"The last and final stop is BALTIMORE PENN STATION." I can has MARC V?

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