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Re: Cardinal discussion

Post by justalurker66 »

When was the business class added? Back when IPH started providing business class on the Hoosier State or when Amtrak took back the Hoosier State?

Business class makes more sense on a daily train than a tri-weekly. And if dropping the "business" car allows for improvement of service (a full lounge or another sleeper) that is a bonus.

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Re: Cardinal discussion

Post by dgvrengineer »

Are there enough new sleepers on hand and serviceable to add another sleeping car?

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Re: Cardinal discussion

Post by Gilbert B Norman »

The five V-II Bag-dorms now on the property is a good start.

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Re: Cardinal discussion

Post by David Benton »

According to the Facebook page , the business class car will be replaced by a new Viewdiner , to be used as a sleeper lounge. this is announced as now been "official".
How many seats in the new diners? With only one sleeping car , could they sell some seats in the diner as business class?
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Re: Cardinal discussion

Post by mtuandrew »

Mr. Benton: Good idea, but you can’t reasonably sell a bench seat at a table. There’s no conventional seats in a V-II diner.

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Re: Cardinal discussion

Post by gokeefe »

Well this is a piece of very welcome news. Nice to see efforts being made on routes that have such a hard time making a go of it.

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