Well my 20D is back for a 4th visit to Canon's 'repair' shop

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Well my 20D is back for a 4th visit to Canon's 'repair' shop

Post by Tinsby »

There seems to be no fixing this thing, obviously Canon hasn't a clue what to do with it after 3 previous attempts.

I am demanding they replace the camera and or the lens too. For what I paid for this POS it shouldn't be in the shop every 4 months.

After over 30 years of taking all sorts of photos and using no less than 5 different brands of cameras, the sum total of repairs to all 5 cameras doesn't equal the repair frequency of the 20D.

I had been near the Susquehanna River when it failed me this time, I swear to God I would have flung it out into the water and never looked to see where it splashed!

The problem that I experience now is the same one that I had orginally when the camera was first sent to Canon. My previous posting describes it in detail.

I'd love to be trackside watching the snow fly as the trains go by, but of course here I sit with no camera,again.

Thank you Canon very very much...............<sigh>

Tinsby :(

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