ALCo Plate ID?

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ALCo Plate ID?

Post by PRRK4s »


Anyone have or know of any alltime build records for the American Loco Co.? I need to know all the steam locos built in 1947 to help track down the loco that this plate once was attached to:

There couldn't have been too many that year as it was the next to the last year of steam building for ALCo. Any help is much appreciated...Thanks, K4s

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Post by scottychaos »

Nice! :P
But thats not the builders plate..
thats the number plate from the front of the loco..

the locomotives number was 134, on what ever railroad it belonged to.

A late Alco builders plate looks like this:

that shows the Alco serial number.

Your plate does not show the serial number..

but still! even so, having two bits of information, the locomotive number 134, and the build date of 1947, is quite a bit of valuable info, and will probably end up being enough info to identify the loco this plate belonged to..

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Post by PRRK4s »


I know it is not a builders plate. Builders plates would be easier to track down. That is why I need to know ALL of the ALCo steam locos that were built in 1947 to help track down the railroad that had a #134 on it's roster.

I don't know the complete history of Number Plates but I would have imagined that by 1947, just a basic road number would have showed up on Number Plates and the build info was found on the Builders Plates. At least on the Class 1 railroads. That leads me to think this plate is from a smaller road. But then again, a #134 is a pretty high number for a small road that used a handful of locos. And like I said, there couldn't have been many new steam locos built by ALCo in 1947 so knowing which locos were built in '47 is the first step in tracking down the railroad/loco this was attached to......K4s


Post by PRRK4s »

Looks like I found the most likely candidate to the loco the number plate was attached to. Aliquippa & Southern #134, ALCo, Schenectady #75172, 1947. Makes sense as that RR worked the J&L steel mills about 40 miles away from where this plate was recently located....K4s

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