Durango & Silverton ALCO K-28 steam locos

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Durango & Silverton ALCO K-28 steam locos

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Did you all know that other than the D&S K-28's there are no other ALCO narrow gauge steamers in this country that the original builder drawings still exist for.

How many of you would like to pool your resources and buy a set?

If I can find three other K-28 fans, who wanted a set of those for their future livesteamer projects& who would offer to pitch in and help buy the first copy set, we could make the deal, scan the drawings and each take away a DVD set and whomever wanted to buy the paper set could if they paid the price for the copy charges to the group. I'll make the offer to the person in position to grant our wish just as soon as I find the three other interested men here.

There should be between 300 and 450 drawings in that set. Copy costs are never less than $3 each for those copies, and scanning is about $.50 per square foot, you can do the math. I suspect the total cost to be about $600 each for the four of us, but maybe a bit less after its done.

Send me a PM and let me know if you are interested.

If in some distant future year this message is read by some NG livesteamer and he wants to get a K-28 drawing set, I will have had them for a length of time that is about ½ a year less than the date on this post.

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