Nevada Northern Photo Freight

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Nevada Northern Photo Freight

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The Nevada Northern Ry Museum now has their RS-2 up and running. It
joins their RS-3 in service and the museum has tentatively scheduled a two day photo freight shoot using the two Alcos in late October (*tentatively* the 25-26) . Currently its the only operative RS-2 in the country. And the NN is (currently) the only other place besides the Batten Kill that has two RS's in service.
(Hopefully both the DL and the Naugatuck will join that exclusive club
this summer.) This will be the first time the museum has featured the
diesels exclusively.

Plans call for both Alcos to be repainted into their correct KCC
colors before the shoot and hopefully at least half the time will be spent
shooting a recreate "ore train" from the 60's and 70's using both Alcos.
Anyone who hasn't been to Ely is in for a treat. Its a fantastic little
town right out of the 60's and the railroad looks just like it did 50
years ago. And the scenery on the railroad is great to boot.

Anyone interested can contact me for more details. (Given that at
this point its all very tentative its not listed at the museum
website.) The museum is looking for suggestings and feedback so
please contact me if you are interested. The price should be around
half of a two day steam shoot. Not bad for two days in a time machine
shooting Alcos. So contact me for a ballpark price and the date and
anything else you want to know or suggestions you might have ... operators standing by...

Thanks and hope to see you there.

Garland McKee (aka RS-3)


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Did they have problems with RS-2 #105? I've been in Ely in September 2005 and operated that one on the Hi-Line! That locomotive rental programme is great! :-D

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Not sure but I *think* they have been doing a lot of work on its engine since your visit.


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Chris, the engine shop foreman, has had his hands full. I know he is enjoying the time out there, though. He hired on with the NN about a year and half ago, and is now the foreman of the engine shops. I know him, from working with him in St. Louis on the live steam trains, and he is a very intelligent guy. He works hard, and plays hard. So, with all of their restorations as of late, it would make sense that completion of some projects take longer than others -- their steam crane was just recently restored, and I know chris played a part in this, and I'm sure they finally got around to it after the steam crane project.

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