What in tarnation? (Ex-CR slug with added cab)

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I believe they did that "in house". They added the cab to an MT4.


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Are you sure that the cab is off a geep? It looks to me to be off a late model EMD switcher, something like and SW-1500.
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The cab is from a SW1500:
WW uses a pair of GP9/10s on the WST, and until very recently, used two GP9/10s spliced by a yellow ex CR MT4 slug known affectionately as "the banana" on the Sandman. In an excellent display of shortline resourcefulness, MT4 120 was taken to the shop at Gore, where in a Frankenstein-like fashion, she will soon be "alive." The shop forces have obtained a cab from a retired IHB SW1500, and are currently in the process of turning 120 into a fully functioning road slug, so that one geep and the slug can power the Sandman to save fuel. GP10 572 (ex CR 7572) is the 120's mother, so this pair will be the Sandman power in the coming years. For now, a pair of geeps powers the Sandman.
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I tried to dig up the heritage of the Alco portion of the slug..cant find it yet.

the slug has parts from (at least) three different locos.
the frame and hoods from an Alco..probably a RS11.
trucks from a EMD GP.
and now a EMD SW cab!



History of the 120

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Found this info as I was helping to man the front table at the Museum's train show today. One of the other guys picked up Januarys Railfan & Railroad and allowed me to peruse it during a quiet time.

She was built as PRR ALCo RS-11 #8647 - Penn Central renumbered #7647, Conrail #7647. Conrail converted her to a MT-4 #1020 with AAR Type B EMD Blomburg Trucks. In 2005 W&W added the cab from Indiana Harbor Belt SW-1500 #9210 (purchased from Truck Electric)

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Those slugs, sans cab, used to work the Elkhart Indiana (ex-NYC) yard attached to an SD40-2 for years. That was the standard pairing, there was always about 6-8 sets of SD40-2/MT4 cruising the yard, along with one set on the hump. Now that NS took over, it's mostly SD40-2's going solo, sometimes in pairs, and yes, the occasional high-short-hood southerner finds its way to the yard.
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Actually, (at least all the time I was working for Conrail) I believe the MT4s were paired with GP10s, while the MT6s were used with former PC SD38s and not SD40-2s.

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