RS-1 questions

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RS-1 questions

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While recently doing some research for a modeling detailing/painting project on NYS&W RS-1's and S-2's, I noticed that in just about every May-Oct. picture, both the tops of the hoods and several side doors would be opened for additional cooling capacity. It was obvious that the cooling flaw was dicovered early on with the first grop of Alcos the railroads bought in the early forties, yet the engines from the two later orders in '47 and '53 seemed to have the same problems. Was this caused by the railroad not communicating the problems with the early units to Alco, or just an admission by Alco that the overheating problem was a "nature of the beast" issue? I seldom see pictures of RS-1's in service on other railroads with the doors/vents open. Was the NYS&W's use of the locos as their main heavy freight units as opposed to other RR's use of them in less taxing service the cause?
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NYC used RS1's on the Charlotte branch in Rochester in the 1960's, and it was not uncommon to have hood doors open to aid cooling while coming south with a big train. On some occasions they would stop just north of Barnards and sit a while to let the things cool down a bit.

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