RS-3 or RS-2?

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RS-3 or RS-2?

Post by Komachi »

Hey guys,

The "General Discussion, Locomotives, Rolling Stock, and Equipment" thread is currently debating the "ugliest locomotive" (re)built. There is a picture of CP Rail #8460 at the top of the thread and shows it after it had its nose chopped (see link below).

Apparently they left the cab front more or less intact and just added another row of windows from another RS unit (or fabricated similar type windows) underneath. So, although it wouldn't win too many "beauty points," I think it would make an interesting project to build (HO scale).

I'm just currious to know if it's a RS-2 or RS-3 type unit, was it a 244 equipped all its career or if it was rebuilt with a 251 and what the final disposition of the unit was.

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Post by Alcoman »

That CP unit is a RS-3. The battary boxs under the walkway is the clue you would look for. RS-2's have the battary boxs under the frame where the fuel tank is on the RS-3.


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That modification was made to many CP RS-3's in the late '70's, when they were set up for hump/pulldown service. They were all still equipped with 244's, and lasted until 1983. The only existing CP RS-3 (8427) is chopnosed in this manor.

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Post by N. Todd »

The unit shown in the picture I assume is #8640. That was retired in December 1982 and scrapped at CP's Angus shops two years later.

And if you forget about the step in front of the cab to tell the difference between an RS-2 and an RS-3, look at the cab windows on the front or back. Notice the RS-2 windows are sharply pionted and the front-right and rear-left windows go down further than on the RS-3, which has rounded windows.Image

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CP rebuilds...

Post by Komachi »

Hey, thanks guys!

Yeah, wasn't totally sure, the pic. showed the fireman's side, and that had an "all weather" window applied to the cab, so I couldn't really tell. I appreciate the other info. you guys have provided me with too, helps out a lot!

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Kind'a looks like a sad puppy, don't it? Bassett Hound, maybe?
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Post by oibu »

Don't forget also that RS-2s have a fuel filler for the under-cab-floor fuel tank, wheras RS-3s have the battery box in this location.

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