NYSW ALCO FOR SALE SOON ????????????????

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NYSW ALCO FOR SALE SOON ????????????????

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Got the following off of a Yahoo group. Names are omitted in case this is just a bad rumor:
I have heard from multiple sources on the NYSW that the railroad is planning to sell the exCartier C/M636s. This is not 100 per cent substantiated yet and no time period has been spoken of as to a sale date, but it sounds like the plan has reaches into upper management.
I'm posting this for anyone who may be planning to see and photograph these units while on NYSW to be aware that now might be the time to act on those plans.
Also cited was a possible buyer of the Big Engines-- an all-Alco road
that I decline to name at this time, as it is a rumor I don't wish to be
responsible for propagating on the net.[ol

Anyone else hear this?

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Alcoman dont worry about it the NYS&W never ment to keep them anyone with a brain knows that.The alco road in question is the WNY&P with out a dought unless the DL end's up some how with the Bangor&Portland tracks.So worry not my good man it had to happen sometime.


NYSW Alcos

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Could I get a rundown on the NYSW Also roster -- road number, model, etc.?



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Re: NYSW Alcos

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joydivision350125 wrote:Could I get a rundown on the NYSW Also roster -- road number, model, etc.?


here you go, scroll down to the Cartier table:



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