Looking for info: PRR S1 #9237

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Looking for info: PRR S1 #9237

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I'm looking for some info on PRR alco S-1 #9237 any photos..in any paint scheme, retirement/scrap dates etc.

Thanks again

N. Todd
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cn 76565, sn S3085-04, 3/49
I think this became PC 9437, probobly retired around 1971-72. I doubt it still exists unless it was aquired by GE or Southern Rails. Anyone else?

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A little more info

Post by jr »

Pennsylvania Railroad Locomotive Pictorial, Volume Nine by Withers, agrees with N. Todd's information.

In addition, he shows that it was indeed renumbered to 9437 on 13-March-1967. He also shows that it was not retired, as of the startup date of Penn Central.


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