RS1 Tech info needed

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RS1 Tech info needed

Post by Paul »

OK, here it goes. I may need to ship an RS-1. I have available to me,
One set of trucks with rollers from an FM H-20-44, already out from under the locomotive. I also have a set from an RS-11, but they are still under the locomotive. My first choice is to use the FM trucks. Can anyone find out the dimensions of the center casting for an RS-1? Any idea if the FM truck will mate up in regard to bolster height center casting, etc.? Once again, a tall order.
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Post by mandealco »

Hi Paul
Just an observation from a long way away.

Firstly, where's the H-20-44 from? Can't be too many of these around. From what I remember some of the F-Ms had Westinghouse traction motors which meant the truck frames were longer. My thought is that they wouldn't be an easy fit, but what do I know! I have no idea on the bolster dimensions.

Keep up the Alco work, but it would be a pity to sacrifice an F-M to do it.

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There's only one Alco in NZ. 8-(

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