DL Loco status

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DL Loco status

Post by Alcochaser »

Any one know the Status of the following units?

DL 3000 M630, former GECX 706/BCOL 706/PGE 706 is it up and running yet?

VLIX 41 C420, does GVT have any plans for this?

Ex EL C425 status?, How many units got "new" GT-598 main gens?

Any plans for IBCX 2029 C630M?

RS11/RS32 status
DL 324 up and running yet?
211 or 212 running? Word was one of the two was going to get the modules from the C425 327.

When does NYSW 3666 go back?

Any other DL locomotive news?

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Post by sallenparks »

I'll see how much I can be a help here for you. When I was there over the summer it almost looked like every thing was down and out for some work,but I have seen up to date photos that show 2461,2457,3642,3643,405,and212 all running. Now as for RS32 211 C630m2029 and C420 41 RS11 324 and C425 2452 that's a different story. I'll start with C420 41 and C630m 2029 there being storied for Ed Bowers and the DL right now has no use for them.DL C425 2452 has been out of service for some time now.RS32 211 I think the Ex.NYC 2035 is being re# 2035.DL C425's 2453 and 2455 are on MA&N as far as I know. M420 645 is on the DL thought. Finally C425 327 is missing a Generator maybe more.I'm hope to be down there next week if anything has changed I'll post it here for you. HOPE this helps some the M630 3000 wasn't their last time I was down there same with NYS&W M636 3666 so I can't help their. Once again I HOPE this helps some.

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Post by ANDY117 »

I really need to get down to Scranton/Pittston (RMDI) and get some photos. I think the 3666 needed some part that the DL had, and some maintenance NYSW couldn't do or something, but I'm not entirely sure.

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Post by N. Todd »

DL bought the WOHO 327 for parts.

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