Have you ever been to Northlandz?

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Re: Have you ever been to Northlandz?

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Rabid Transit wrote: Interestingly I think I found the crew at Roadside America (which I had visited earlier in this summer's trip) to be a bunch friendlier than the ETJ crew. Could just be me.
Odd, as when we were recently at Roadside America we saw several issues with the layout. Most dramatically, the "Strausburg Train" which was supposed to go back and forth with automation to have the engine run around the train didn't work all the time, frequently leaving the train pushing the wrong car or derailing something. I would kindly point this out to the staff but they were grumpy and didn't seem to care about the issue. Oh well.

Never been to Northlandz but based on threads like this I doubt I will. I remember watching a clip on the news about it years ago and it sounded so cool. I would hate to go and be disapponitned.
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Camelback wrote:
Thu Jul 07, 2005 7:54 pm
Northlandz is great for kids and non-model railroaders to visit. But for those of us who are model railroaders there are more impressive club layouts... where trains are operated in more of a prototypical manner...
I visited Northlandz two or three years ago when I was in the USA, and I agree with Camelback's assessment. I was impressed by the huge size of the layout, and by the scenery - mountains, valleys, canyons, bridges... especially the bridges. But there were very few trains running, and there was nothing prototypical about it. It looked a bit dilapidated. I imagine it's a full time job trying to keep a layout that size clean and in a good state of repair.
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Re: Have you ever been to Northlandz?

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Most of the "Staff" are not model Railroaders or scale modelers of any sort.
They are there to run the "GIFT SHOP" and keep people from touching the display.
They are there for the "Paycheck" nothing else.
The Land of Enchantment is not Flyover country!

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