Kaja & Phil Foglio's Girl Genius Act 2, Book 1

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Kaja & Phil Foglio's Girl Genius Act 2, Book 1

Post by STrRedWolf » Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:55 pm

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Girl Genius by Kaja & Phil Foglio. The link is the start of Act 2, Book 1, titled "The Beast of the Rails."

In short: To find how to release Mechanicberg from being frozen in time, protagonist Agatha Hetrodyne must travel to France... by the Corbettite Railway, a railroad system spanning Europa run by an order of Corbettite Monks. But the monks hold a few secrets of the Hetrodynes that others would want... and will stop at nothing for. Can Agatha make it to France on a railway where the schedule is gospel? Can the Corbettite Monks hold off those who want those secrets? And is the fudge really that good?

Other formats: Printed copy at Topaco.
"The last and final stop is BALTIMORE PENN STATION." I can has MARC V?

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