Virgin Rail (Brightline) IPO, Bonds, Success, Branding

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Re: Virgin Rail (Brightline) IPO, Bonds, Success, Branding

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The annual ridership is out ... rojections
In a report to bond investors, Brightline, to be renamed VirginTrains USA, said it barely broke one million passengers for the year, less than half the count it projected. Revenue for 2019 was $22 million, less than a fifth of its projection.
The ridership is also out for TriRail ... annel=home
The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) recently announced that Tri-Rail recorded a calendar year ridership record in 2019 with 4,495,039 passengers, which is a 1.8% increase from the previous year.
Leaving the promises to the bondholders aside, I find it very impressive that the Brightline has been able to get to about quarter of the Tri-Rail passengers while charging about double the fare. All their ridership is sort of "new" to the train given that Tri-Rail experienced a small bump. The Brightline is not cannibalizing the state run service to any detectable degree. While taking 1,000,000 trips off the highway is a tiny dent in South Florida traffic it is very positive and exciting, at least to me.

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Re: Virgin Rail (Brightline) IPO, Bonds, Success, Branding

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I think it's probably worth discussing whether or not Brightline's entry to the market appears to be supporting a ridership increase for Tri-Rail ...

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Re: Virgin Rail (Brightline) IPO, Bonds, Success, Branding

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From Marriott Biscayne Bay Miami--

Sunday January 19, it was off for a joyride. Leave Miami Central 350P to WP, early Dinner @Ruth's, return 740P.

$72; Select (Business).

Of interest, no mention of Virgin at the site. Is Sir Richard "still in"? Who knows what will be at either station.

Sorry Sir Richard, but with all the carefully crafted branding Brightline has done, shame to have it go to waste. But then, those with "Big egos" seem to have "thin skin".

So let's see.

First, I found the Brightline labels remaining at Miami Central, even if Sir Richard has horned in with some of his. At West Palm, you wouldn't know he had any connection whatever.

Both "Pink" and "Green" remain liveried as such. Can't speak for the other three sets.

But I really hold the best positive is the revamp of their site allowing passenger seat selection. When selecting, you will be shown a diagram of the car - including the direction of travel.

Amtrak, are you reading?

The only negative is they have downgraded their wine offerings. Last year, in both the Select lounge an on board, they were offering Ferrari-Carrno Chardonnay (upscale). This year Cupcake, for which at the liquor store, you bend low enough to have it hurt.

Everything was fine on the Northward trip, but the return....?

At 29th St in the Wynwood neighborhood, some "room temperature IQ idiot" made a right turn at the X-ing - and on to the ROW. There was no collision and cannot imagine any injuries. The train was able to clear, but there was still "head scratching time" between the cops and FEC people.

We were delayed about twenty minutes - big deal. All told, $72 well spent.

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